Sunday, July 17, 2011

Achiving Together

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The reason why like minded people succeed together is because they bring a dynamic more unique than individuals ever can. There is power in unity and it has to do with attitude.

I am not talking about any kind of attitude, rather like minded attitudes. People with like minded spirits use the power of two minds that think like one.

For example, after two people are married for a number of years, they can finish each others sentences. Likewise with twins, or multiple birth children.

Individuals are born with power, however when they connect with someone else with similar spirits or like minded thinking, they flourish.

A great example of like minded spirits is the example of a pilot and a co-pilot. Make no mistake about it, you want the pilot and co-pilot to be like minded because they carry the burden of a plane filled with passengers.

Put professionalism aside, like minded spirits anticipate when something is not right, even though they are miles apart. People with like minds can tell the difference between the right hand and the left hand without a lot of analysis.

One could say like minded people possess interpretive powers, the kind more in depth than on the surface level. The next time you see two people that are in sync with one another, understand they have like minded spirits and have great attitudes.

Can you explain it? In some cases you can, in others you can not. When you can not figure out something it simply means it can not be explained and live with it.

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